A Complement of Lovers

… picked up your new novel and thought I’ll make 3 nights reading with it. …I began the book and it mesmerized me … I read it in one sitting and loved it. Eugene Allison, Aug 8, 2012

Overview of A Complement of LoversA Complement of Lovers Cover

Before Masters & Johnson, each man had to figure out what normal was on his own. In this unusual love story set in the 1960s, a twenty-five year old questions his sexuality. He appears to enjoy a bevy of beautiful women, but his bravado masks a total lack of experience and a dogged adherence to an outmoded moral code. Then he meets a forward-thinking woman with a secret, who holds all the answers, and everything changes for both of them.

Studded with the mannerisms and stylish dysfunctions of the “Mad Men” era, this novel provides an intimate insight into the difficulties of being different during the last decade that demanded uniformity.

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