what happens when a single father of teenage girls realizes he’s gay

Rodney Brody’s life changes when he takes his family on a 3-year tour to Hawaii for NSA. Rodney meets a submissive Aussie grad student who opens his eyes to a world of BDSM gay sex. If NSA were to find out, he would lose his top-secret clearance and his job.
Rodney dislikes deceiving his adolescent daughters, both coping with the stresses of becoming women. Liza yearns to express her blossoming sexuality, while Samantha is waiting for her body to catch up with her desires.

While  exploring the unfamiliar dynamics of gay sex, Rodney must thread a careful path. When he chooses to come out to those closest to his heart, three lives on cusps of major change must join together in support.

Cusps is 5th in a series. Each novel is complete in itself and makes for enjoyable reading, but for those who wish to delve into the origins of things at this point in the story, the entire series provides a continuous narrative.

As they grow, and as their children grow, Rodney and Meg adapt to changes they initiate, as well as changes that take them by surprise.

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