for The Road to Frankfurt

The Road to Frankfurt…continues the love story between Rodney and Meg which was begun in A Complement of Lovers. Once again, Mr. Schecter by his uncanny ability with but a few words transports the reader into the life and times of the 1960’s and into the minds and hearts of this young, fledgling couple. The story is told through the eyes, emotions and awareness of Rodney Brody. The reader experiences the joy, struggles, hopes and dreams of this maturing, changing couple. Don has a gift of being able to make the reader feel like an insider, like someone who is intimately involved in their story. However, like one of Shakespeare’s tragic characters there is a … fault which slowly but inevitably leads to a crisis in paradise.The book ends with Rodney walking down the yellow brick road choosing to believe that the wonderful city of Frankfurt would “work its magic again”. I can’t wait for volume three. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A Destination Unknown! Myrna Ward on July 20, 2015 A Complement of Lovers is a must read! After reading the first volume in the series, I was very anxious to read the second, and it certainly did not disappoint! This volume continued Rod and Meg’s journey together, now as a married couple, but their previous individual issues causes trouble in paradise. The frank depiction of his sexual confusion and her need to be self fulfilled, is very well written and leaves the reader wanting to know how and if they resolve their issues. I will read the third volume as soon as it is published! Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Can’t Wait for Complement of Lovers III !  J. Pompadur on June 5, 2015 Fantastic read… can’t wait for book number III. Don sets visual scenes that enhance the emotional texture of a great story.  Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Enjoyed the diary-like feel of the book pearl laufer on November 24, 2014 Enjoyed the diary-like feel of the book, and felt I really got to know the two main characters in fairly well-rounded development. Writing evocative do both time and place. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

A realistic life journey of discovery Grasshopper on November 10, 2014 What a book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a phrase, “life is full of surprises.” The Road To Frankfurt is chock full of them. There are no excuses and there is frankness in the events of life as portrayed. Meg and Rodney are genuine characters. They fight. They argue. They make love. They make up. Their eyes wander. They could be my neighbors or one of my coworkers…

This book doesn’t make excuses and it isn’t sugar coated. TV and movies often give a Pollyanna view of married life so that the viewer can predict what is going to happen next. Not so in The Road To Frankfurt, A Complement of Lovers Volume 2. Meg learns that her husband is a more complex man than she knew. This was a turning point for her. She encountered the truth that she could be unnecessary for her husband. She had struggled during her life trying to be a broad-minded, progressive woman, who hoped she was everything her husband needed. She couldn’t be and wasn’t. And Rodney couldn’t explain to himself why his most powerful fantasies were no longer of intercourse with his wife. Meg and Rodney are complex individuals who begin to see themselves more clearly in the passage of time – the same as real people do.

This book gives me the opportunity for introspection. Can I be as honest with myself about my own struggles as Rodney and Meg are? If you feel your life is at a crossroads, read this book. If you need to give yourself permission to spend your day reading, this is the book to choose. It’s well worth it. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase