Heights of Passion

Overview of Heights of Passion

From the eerie mystery of You’ve Got Male and the homicides of Happy Hour, to the insistent rhythms of El Baile and the glitter of Heights of Passion, these tales bristle with emotional excitement.

Heights of Passion: Stories for older men & younger lovers•A man plans to leave his wife for a lover •Two queens get their dead batteries jump-started by a foreign student •A man tries to train a young stud as his pet •Murder in a gay community •One man’s life is influenced by a closeted mentor •Another’s life is altered by his knife-wielding mother •Bisexuals profit from a torrid novel  •A Hollywood director finds excitement in being dominated •A sexy spinner of tales seduces a straight man •Conquest in a Spanish dance bar •A retired doctor finds a wet dream in a chat room •Another retiree is stalked on the internet •A traveler breaks new ground with a Korean novice •An artist uses food as a metaphor for sex •An observer is invited to referee a squabbling couple in bed

Each story is designed to intrigue. Enjoy…

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