Love Wanted, Will Travel

Overview of Love Wanted, Will Travel

Love Wanted, Will Travel is seven upbeat stories about gay men who surmount some unusual challenges in their daily lives:lwwt cover763k

•Davy has to handle two sexually frustrated women•Paolo seeks a replacement for his late husband •Winston must choose between his family and his male lover  •Clyde is angling for a pre-packaged family  •Daniel isn’t even aware he’s gay  •Sully finds fulfillment in command  •Fabio is in love with a man three times his age  •Rudy needs to cut his mother’s apron strings before they strangle him •Anson is an escort with a problematic client •Clive and Harlan want to revitalize their fifty-year marriage  •Kyle finds his kinky heart’s desire on a gay cruise (as do Amber and Spencer and Turq)

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