Never Promise Forever

<strong>Never Promise Forever</strong> What’s Rodney’s problem?

Jeanine, Selena, and Jean. Exciting females surround Rodney. He sleeps with women, fantasizes about men, and wonders why.

In this fourth novel of the series A Complement of Lovers, Rodney’s daughters are growing up and his job at NSA is smooth sailing. Meg thrives in London and Columbia is a great place for the Brody family. An idyllic neighborhood where things couldn’t be better. Good school, great friends, and a wonderful woman nearby whenever the mood strikes.

Join Rodney, Meg, and their two girls, along with a new cadre of characters that are sure to endear, inspire, and challenge as Rodney seeks to decipher his true desires. This book is complete in itself and makes for enjoyable reading, but for those who wish to delve into the origins of things at this point in the story, the entire series provides a continuous narrative. As the Brody family grows up, Rodney and Meg must adapt to changes they initiate, as well as those that take them by surprise.

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