The Road to Frankfurt

the road to Frankfurt is only paved with good intentions

Overview of The Road to Frankfurt

The Road to Frankfurt is the second episode in the series A Complement of Lovers. It’s a path of discovery for two lovers who run up against the practical side of unbounded freedom in the 1960s.road_to_frankfurt

Meg and Rodney believe their future is bright. Don’t opposites attract, and can’t each provide the other what’s lacking? What could possibly go wrong for a young couple that makes its own rules and stands by them?

But they find The Road to Frankfurt is paved with good intentions. In a time of rapid change, moonwalks and assassination, women that sought control over their lives and bodies were blocked by convention at every turn. Even supportive men limited their partners’ options.

Complete in itself, this novel is an enjoyable read, but for those who want to delve into Meg’s and Rodney’s origins, Road to Frankfurt is the sequel to A Complement of Lovers. As the Brody family grows, Rodney and Meg must adapt to changes they initiate, as well as those that catch them  off guard.


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