Out of the Box

Overview of Out of the Box

The thought-provoking follow-up to Heights of Passion, these stories delve deeper into the minds, pleasures, and passions of gay men everywhere.

•Rites of passage for a single father •Square dancers embark on a fated affair •What do a gay and lesbian fret about while their lovers conceive a child? •Tea and Sympathy for the letter carrier •A young man demonstrates an alternative kind of sex to an older lover •Is there life after death on a Moebius strip? •A mature nudist gains the interest of a young man he fancies •Gays vanish overnight from San Francisco •Double vision leads to double pleasure with an optometrist •Star-crossed lovers meet at a square dance  •A doctor exceeds legal bounds for his patients •The son of gay dads worries he may be gay •Chasing the consummate tease •A closeted gay falls for his employee on the job •An in-charge guy seeks to be controlled by an S&M master •A man and woman explore bondage

Each story will take you someplace new. Enjoy…

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