of Discovery of Fire

Lyman Hayes on April 15, 2015 I really enjoyed reading all the stories with great enthusiasm. This is a very well written book of short stories about younger men who are attracted to older mature men. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Adrian Lepeltier on March 21, 2015 Five Stars. Enjoyed the read. Excellent.Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Naqshi on November 2, 2012 Invitation to Discovery In my honest opinion, Discovery of Fire is Don Schecter’s best effort. The title reflects truly what is in most of the stories. He has given words to that particular feeling and excitement every man has when he passes from the innocence of childhood to the wonderful territory of youth, and then on to manhood. At the same time these stories describe the discovery of that inner fire, that passion that determines a man’s path in life, according to his true nature or will. Not an easy job to do, but the author has done it so simply that the results are outstanding.

The book is a collection of such beautiful and unforgettable stories it made it a difficult task for me to pick anyone as favorite. Although I do great injustice to others, I would like to mention, particularly, the title story, “Discovery of Fire”. I enjoyed it most.

In fact, its a tale of every male growing to manhood, who wonders to discover what does he want? Opposite gender attracts him like art, which has color, composition, technique and makes an impact, but he doesn’t feel that heat of passion which may send a wave of chill to his spine. All three phases of his life–school, summer camp and college–are beautifully narrated and amazingly expressed, while reading I was feeling myself a child again, knocking at the door of my youth.

I found Discovery of Fire is a complete book in every aspect, from thought provoking title and artfully designed cover to emotion packed and heart touching stories in which I saw and felt not only characters are burning with inner fire but it re-ignited mine too.
Format: Paperback

Garland Davis, Jan. 24, 2012 Fantastic narrative [title story-Discovery of Fire]. I can see myself in so many of the situations… If only we knew when growing up that many of our fellow students/bunk-mates were going through the same emotional turmoil that we were…

A.B. Gayle (Australia), Feb 19, 2012 Discovery of Fire – Discovery of Passion…..I started reading Discovery of Fire straight away. The first three stories were a real joy. New Don Schecter!!!! Loved Bachelor Party It makes a great lead in. Ooze was a great contrast. Lots to think about there. Very believable, logical development. I liked The Garden Center too. Nice and spooky. [The] writing is really, really good.