of Love Wanted/Will Travel

Eugene Allison, Aug 8, 2012… picked up your new book of stories and thought I’ll make 3 nights reading with it. …I began the book and it mesmerized me … I read it in one sitting and loved it.

Dann Duran, 25 July 2012 …The book was fun to read and I enjoyed the humor. Most of all, I enjoyed the cruise and felt like I was right there with … Amber … the star….  Her/his humor, your description of her were beautifully combined; I could literally visualize her/him as I read on. Having been in Spain several times, I was able to apply faces to your Spanish Senoras, smell the food and even taste it…  I loved your book Don…;  your writing is [aged] to perfection.  Now, get busy and finish your novel.

A. B Gayle (Australia), June 10, 2012 …The anthology starts with an amusing tale that includes off camera sex with females. One of the reasons I read Don’s books … is that I want to discover the reality of life as a gay man. Not the romantic version found in books. Sure, some have sex scenes and are about love, but just as important for me are the fears, fantasies and physical reactions. It’s interesting reading stories where sex is just another facet of a relationship between two people, but not the make or break cornerstone.

I love the way the protagonists in Don’s stories aren’t all hunky twenty year old clichéd gay guys (although they all might have been once!). In Mama’s Boys, the hero is sixty-five but still young enough to yearn for love. This story is … deserving of attention. … Love Wanted /Will Travel stands on equal footing with the other three books in this series. All are great reads.

Naqshi Khan on November 26, 2012 A Book I Really Enjoyed …In any field of life, to reach a peak requires talent, hard work and dedication, but to maintain it and stay there, is a more difficult task. In “Love Wanted, Will Travel” the author has maintained the high standards he set in previous 3 volumes. Love Wanted, Will Travel is a cluster of seven emotion-filled stories which revolve around some great characters. These are written in such a gripping and unprecedented style, I was compelled to turn page after page, story after story, and remained unaware of my surroundings, until I reached the end. I had never finished a book in one sitting and in such a short period of time. I want to tell you about the stories I enjoyed most.

“The Widows” is a light story about a guy who is not interested in opposite sex at all. He is compelled to spend a night with two frustrated women during a visit to Spain. The dilemma which he faces is described in a beautiful manner. A delightful story to read.

“Seconds” is my favorite story of this book. It is about what is called by the world ‘true love’. Winston, a happy family man states: “As I grew up, I emulated my daddy—married my high school sweetheart, had two kids, started my own business—but I guess some part of me always felt that the gender division wasn’t quite fair. Successful as I was, I never lost the little boy feeling that I wanted someone to take care of me”.

He falls in deeply in love with another man. Here are beautiful passages which show the intensity of his love:
“…Sometime, no telling when, I fell in love with Clay Bent. We became lovers in the truest sense. I didn’t want sex; I wanted Clay—him and him alone”.

“….I love [my wife] and children. They are my family. I’ve got history with them, and obligations. But I yearn for my lover; every fiber in my body aches and cries for Clay. To hold him, have him hold me. I need him in me , on me, around me. I want to wear him like a second skin……”.

Happily, the characters adopt a unique solution which satisfies everyone.

With “Love Wanted, Will Travel” I have finished this series of four volumes. I am not able to judge which one is best as, in some ways, each is better than the others. I conclude with four words that define a quality read: “Written By Don Schecter”. Now I am anxiously waiting for his next book, which is rumored to be a novel. Format: Paperback